“Hard by, the central slab is thick with books
Diverse, but which the true eclectic mind
Knows how to group, and gather out of each
Their frequent wisdoms….”

– Arthur Joseph Munby

Being “eclectic” has something of a bad rap in these days of specialization. But the word eclectic comes from a Greek verb meaning “to select,” and the original eclectics were ancient Greek philosophers who distilled what they believed were the best doctrines from across the various schools of inquiry. Keeping an open mind and looking for the best of thought is a win-win to me.

Readers who find my website and keep coming back are inquiring minds on a search for meaning in your relationship with your horse and in your riding practice…you are curious, independent and even fearless. I know because not only do you leave comments here on my posts, you also contact me privately by email and in public and private on social media to tell me how you feel and what you think.

There is a lot of talk about “brand” today. Whether it’s about personal branding or business branding, a brand makes a promise to the beholder, and it tells what they can expect.

If I have a brand, it is to look for the best and bring it to you in an ever-building resource of articles, blog posts, guest posts, interview podcasts, videos…compelling, unique and unexpected resources to create not only interest, but hopefully a sense of wonder.

Together, my press Editions Mistral and I research and present unique subjects which range widely from pieces on training methodology by classical masters of the past and present, to long-buried treasures that explore the horse in art, history, tradition, myth and legend…all connected by the common thread that is our passion for the horse.

About me…

Lifelong horsewoman, equestrian journalist with over 100 published articles, former editor of an equestrian magazine, co-author of a bestselling book about training horses in-hand, equestrian publisher and philosopher. My equine muse of the past 16 years is my Andalusian heart-stealer, Valentín.


The horse is not the way out, it is the way in. 

~ Joseph Berto

Kip’s work is otherworldly in its beauty!! Love it! K.A.S.

Your content is unique and so so rich. I love the historic perspective that encompasses Europe but also the western tradition. C.L.

Wonderful, beautifully written and I love the overall understated elegance of the web site. T.K.M.

There is such a plethora of information out there and you are great at sifting the wheat from the chaff. I can always count on your posts being worth my time to read. Thank you! T.A.C.

I always love your design. The way you use art to contribute to a theme is lovely. C.J.C.