Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

(Creme Colored Lipizzan by Johann Georg Hamilton)

Dear Friends, in the last months I have taken a much needed break from blogging and projects in general while deciding on and planning my next steps. A very exciting project I can now announce is a new podcast series, “The Horseman Sessions”, for which I will be the host and interview legendary international modern masters across the disciplines, most of whom are also acclaimed authors. The sessions will have sponsors including Xenophon Press and Trafalgar Square Books and in these talks we will be discussing the perspectives of a true “horseman.”

The first podcast is currently in the studio being edited and I will shortly be announcing the roster of experts we’ll be speaking with and publishing the schedule. I’ve had the great honor of interviewing many luminaries in the past but publishing an interview in the form of a podcast is a new and fun experience for me. I’m looking forward to sharing these inspiring resources with you very soon.

In other news for 2020, I also have plans to publish probably two books and serialize a third work now in progress, and produce a magazine-size compilation of my favorite articles to this point in the form of an ePub, as well as some shorter projects including a couple of creative non-fiction pieces, also as ePubs.

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