It is the Mind That Maketh Good of Ill…

It is the Mind That Maketh Good of Ill…
(© Kip Mistral. “The Riders of the Sidhe” (1911) by Scottish artist John Duncan (1866-1945), said to depict the Sidhe coming down from Law Hill, a long dead volcano which stands on the Northern edge of Dundee.)

“It is the mind that maketh good of ill, that maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor.” Edmund Spenser, 14th century.
These are tough times right now all over the world…how do we choose expansion…or at least how do we keep our status quo…opposed to contraction, losing our hope and faith, and losing our grip on everything we have known? Where and how do we find hope for our futures, on many levels?

The Sidhe are a divine race, great and potent, who inhabit the Otherworld of the dead. These Irish “fairies” are not diminutive like we are used to thinking of fairies and elves and other mythical creatures. They are tall, beautiful, and extremely powerful…you don’t want to mess with them especially when they set out on their otherworldly steeds on the eve of Beltane. A telling of what they can bring…the tree of life and of knowledge, the cup of the heart of abundance and healing, the sword of the will on the active side, and the crystal of the will on its passive side.

“Sons of kings and queens are one and all.
On all their heads are
Beautiful golden-yellow manes:With smooth, comely bodies,
With bright blue-starred eyes,
With pure crystal teeth,
With thin red lips…”

Obviously noble and handsome as a race, the Sidhe were known as The Lordly Ones…they retreated to a different dimension of space and time than our own, a millenium ago. Since then, they stay in contact, in their own way, with mortals, giving protection, healing and teaching. The Sidhe are said to be benign until they are angered by foolishness on the part of mortals.

Perhaps we can call upon them for guidance and refrain from foolishness at this time?


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