News! I Joined the Patreon Creative Community and Invite You to Consider a Patronship!

News! I Joined the Patreon Creative Community and Invite You to Consider a Patronship!

(René d’Anjou, “The Book of Tournaments” circa 1460, illustration by Barthélemy d’Eyck “Arrival of the Duke of Brittany”) provides rich, highly curated content for horse lovers in the form of posts by auspicious authors, book excerpts, and colorful, beautifully illustrated articles. The subjects range widely from pieces on training methodology by today’s classical masters, to interviews, to literature, to content about the horse in art, history, tradition, myth and legend.

My vision is that the site will become a combination of museum and library, where visitors find unique and unexpected resources that inspire…a place where out-of-print wisdom can be found and today’s writers can add their insights and knowledge to the canon of equestrian literature.

A place from which today’s riders will find a bit of philosophical elegance, grace and beauty to take back to their own horsemanship practices…no matter the equitation discipline.

Remembering the privilege of utilizing the beautiful free public library in my childhood hometown and wandering the halls of the elegant museum next door on admission-free days, I believe in keeping the content on the website free for visitors.

To accomplish my mission and continue the site into the future, commitment demands that this project must be treated as a self-sustaining, full-time job and Number One Priority. Investments in technology for video and audio platforms for podcasts and webinars are being made.

Also, the expense of supporting the website, the web development and my own ongoing WordPress training is a challenge; the current site traffic alone will shortly make a hosting upgrade necessary!

As with the Patrons of museums and libraries who do their important work in the background to keep those cultural institutions alive and well, subscriptions by our Patrons will make it possible to sustain the growth and expansion of this promising equestrian resource.

What is the Value Exchange for Patrons?

I’m excited by the prospect of creating a community here to give Patrons a meeting place because they are interested in this project, and to connect with others of the same mind.

In addition to the standard Patron posts, which I will keep public for all Patrons to enjoy and comment upon, there will be access to content that has not yet been published or won’t be available anywhere else.

For as little as $1.00 per month, reward tiers for the Patron subscriptions offer significant value, such as published resources, discounts on merchandise in the site’s Gift Shop, and Sponsorship promotion on the site itself.

To have a little fun with these tiers, I named each after a type of horse commonly bred for certain functionalities in the Middle Ages. Take a look, and I hope YOU join us!

Thank you!

– Kip
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