Writing and Publishing Consultant

Let an award-winning journalist, best-selling author, editor and publisher in the equestrian industry help you with your projects, whether book manuscripts and the publishing process, business or technical writing, articles, blogs or website content.

The publishing world has definitely changed and that can mean good things for you! I can tell you why your chances of getting a traditional publishing company to take your book on are small, I can tell you why you need to avoid getting caught up in one of the “vanity”, “self-publishing” companies that are preying on thousands of hopefuls (hint: your “publisher” should NEVER ask YOU for money and should NEVER ask YOU for royalties!) and I can tell you the path to take to become your own publisher. I’ve done it and you can do it!


Authored over 100 published articles, served as editor of a magazine, co-authored a book in its 10th year on Amazon named best-selling in its category, and recently published a book from blog to final product for another author.

Technical Writing:

Accomplished, versatile technical writer/editor with Master’s Degree in English and Certificate in Technical Writing. Fourteen years of demonstrated expertise in producing high-level documentation for enterprise technology products. Particular strengths in analyzing workflow and developmental edits.

Writing Coach/Instructor:

Developed curricula for and taught technical writing courses in a California state university technical writing certificate program, including writing manuals, reports, proposals, and feasibility studies. Developed curricula for and taught English composition at community colleges.

Editing/Copy proofing:

Rewriting, revising, editing and copy proofing…anything with words!

What People Say…

Thanks to Kip Mistral’s help I have been able to decide what direction I want to take with a current photography project. Her insight into the publishing world helped me determine what my next steps should be and how changes to my web presence could help me with moving forward in my work as a photographer. I highly recommend Kip if you need guidance and support with publishing your work. J.F.

I booked a two-hour initial consult with Kip to get the benefit of some of her experience in publishing with KINDLE, and she was very encouraging about the market for a memoir/journal/adventure book I’ve written. In the course of the conversation I also got extremely useful tips about using social media to promote my instruction and clinic business. I’m only a short way down the list of to-do’s but am already seeing results in terms of how many people are being exposed to my message. Thanks, Kip! L.S.E.

Kip has been instrumental in the publishing of my book. She has helped me from the concept process of forming my thoughts and staying focused to providing wonderful input on the development of the book and my brand. Because of her, I was able to avoid some serious publishing mistakes and move forward in a direction to help ensure my success. I highly recommend Kip to anyone even considering writing their own book. V.B.