Language, Literacy and Other Ideals…

Language, Literacy and Other Ideals…
I was reviewing my website analytics and wanted to remark on a trend that I know is growing in internet usage…that is, people are using their mobile devices more (it’s now predominant), and their tablets and desktops less. I thought it might be a good idea to point out that my website, though fully internet-optimized, is purposefully image-rich and contains longer, more expository types of post than the more typical “How to do something 5 different ways” post. It is not really meant to be accessed from a mobile phone, in the same way that you can’t drive by a physical library or museum and think you’ve seen them. You actually have to park your vehicle and walk into the library or museum and spend some time there looking around, to say you’ve visited the institution or seen an exhibit or attended a lecture or a reading.

When I see from my analytics that someone has landed on the website and gone from article to article, spending a half hour or more, wandering through the “halls” of the pages and just taking their time and being curious, that is a really big thrill for me. The website has been called a sanctuary by readers more than once, and that is exactly the effect I’d like it to have for people.
One of the reasons–perhaps the most important one to me–that I spend quite a lot of time preparing my usual post is because I not only want to conserve the ideals behind classical traditions and equitation, but I want to assist in preserving the ideals of our classical western civilization, namely, the use of language and literacy.
I see comments on my article shares along the lines of “This is a long read if you have the time.” It’s probably a long read on a mobile phone which is being used while “on the fly” or while multi-tasking. But if you fire up your desktop to read the same post, and your eyes have some visual real estate to work with, you might find it easier and faster to read, and realize more enjoyment from the rich illustrations by historically famous artists and other creatives that are typical for my presentations.
In the end, I deeply enjoy building the content and archives for this collection and hope to share it with as many of you as I can…please give it a chance. ❤ Love ya, Kip 🐴 😘

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