Beautiful and Inspiring Equine Art Calendar 2022

Beautiful and Inspiring Equine Art Calendar 2022

Colorful, joy-filled and poignant equine art to escort you through the months and days of your 2022, Kimry Jelen offers her upcoming calendar.

I love Kimry’s art, each and every piece, but I am a bit prejudiced even more at the moment, because Kimry’s painting of my Val (from Lynne Glazer photo) is the October 2022 image Kimry called “Harvest Moon.” I’ve lived half my life in the Arizona desert and half on the Pacific southland coast, and seen incredible moons of all phases, but the harvest moon is unforgettable from any viewing point. Now I have Val and that majestic harvest moon all in one picture…

But that is all about me and my BFF Val, think about how many equestrians in your life (including yourself!) who would love to have this gorgeous calendar hanging on their walls or sitting on their desks, with the holidays coming…Kimry generously offers a 15% off coupon for first time buyers for anything on the website, including the calendar!




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